Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Year, a New Season of WC Tennis!

Ok everyone, hello and welcome to Whitman Tennis 2013!

It's that time of year where there is lots to write about and I'm getting better at updating things on facebook and I'm trying to keep our flickr photo page updated as well, and there are some cool shots of our players coaching at our annual youth fundraising camp.
Coaches John, Courtney, Morgan and Alyssa having fun at camp

This was our first week of classes, and while the weather has been dry and chilly outside, it has been awesome to be together practicing at our wonderful indoor facility.  It is now my fifth season at Whitman and with four as an assistant coach before coming here, I've never had a team come in so locked in on all the things we pride ourselves in.  First and foremost, the atmosphere is exciting and fun.  No matter what we're doing, the focus is super high and the support level for each other is even higher.  And we've been hitting the ground running with morning fitness, individual lessons, intense practices and we're just getting into singles and doubles matches.  It's wonderful to have everyone back, especially Maggie and Hannah who spent the fall in New Zealand and Thailand respectively.

The spring schedule is packed with great home matches, trips to Spokane, Seattle and Portland and an action packed Spring Break in California.  The energy is really high and we get started on the road February 2nd at Lewis and Clark State College, a top 20 NAIA team.

The very next weekend is the "Whitman Winter Classic" (yes, I'm an NHL fan and am trying to replace their Winter Classic with something even better).  We welcome my alma mater UC Santa Cruz and NWC opponents Linfield and Willamette for a home kick off weekend that will no doubt provide great entertainment and family fun as we welcome several families and alums (let me know at if you haven't already and you plan or might be coming and I'll keep you updated on our plans!

Happy New Year to all, LET'S GO!!!!